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Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by Frari, Mar 28, 2004.

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    Nov 5, 2003
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    Just thought I would share an enjoyable experience on the Weekend. In Australia on our highways where we drive on the oposite side of the road manners are to overtake and then move over to the left to allow faster vehicle by. Unfortunately this is not common for most of the motorists here, they tend to drive just on the seed limit in the passing lane and don't look in their rear vision mirror. We have a new cult of GM and Ford ute drivers its sort of a new coming and the cars are quite quick as they are 200kw or 300 hp v8's and as they are relatively light they are fairly quick. We were heading in the Testarossa up to the north coast beach and I was a little frustrated by this youngish fellow in a new ute who was motoring along at about 125kph speed limit about 110kph and he would not move over when he overtook cars and it was slowing me down so I waited and finally as he overtook the next car I spotted a lenghty gap on the left before the next lot of cars, down shifted to third and floored it. I indicated that I was moving to the left lane and started to overtake him on the left as he would not move over. well as I pulled up next to him I could here him accelerate and I was just climbing up in revs for my gear change to 4th and I floored it again. see you later ute. I left him in my dust and I pulled into the right lane to pass the next group of cars. Tell you he was pissed off flashing lights and no doubt saying a few choice words but I continued to pull away.
    Love the sound of my tubied Tr and once it is on power its just beautiful didn"t even go close to the red line. It made my day. Regards Tony (FRARI)
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