It's Official - David Has a Huge Head

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    F1 flying Scotsman needs giant helmet
    By Mark Mcgivern

    RACE ace David Coulthard was labelled a bighead yesterday by a man who has the figures to prove it. But helmet designer Oliver Schimpf wasn't having a go at the Scots driver's ego.

    As 32-year-old Coulthard tried out the latest in safety technology, Schimpf revealed the Schuberth RF1.5 helmet had to be totally redesigned for him because his head is 15 per cent bigger than rival Michael Schumacher's.

    Schimpf, Schuberth's developments manager, said: ''He is a fine person and a fine pilot but he has a square head."

    ''It wasn't just the jaw line we had to change. We had to completely redesign it for him. Ferrari sent us a scan of Schumacher's head."

    ''But then we found David's head was a completely different, square shape and was a full 15 per cent bigger.''

    The new helmet is believed to be the safest ever and even a Panzer tank being driven over it made no impression.

    It also features a display unit to constantly show the car's performance but it is unlikely Coulthard or Schumacher would use the feature.

    The redesign of the helmet, which costs up to £10,000, means Coulthard will have the handicap of more weight on his shoulders as he competes.

    Schuberth bosses are to meet his McLaren team next week to try to firm up a deal.

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