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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Devilsolsi, Jun 2, 2009.

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    So about a month ago my computer got a virus, and I ended up having to reinstall the operating system and everything. I just downloaded iTunes again. When i go to add my new music to my iPod, it says that my iPod can't be synced to 2 versions of iTunes (the other being the one that was erased off my machine when I got the virus). I get a message saying that if I sync my iPod, I will lose all the songs that are on it (about 1300).

    Anyone have any ideas how to get the new music onto my iPod, without erasing what is already there?

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  3. Fast_ian

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    Ian Anderson
  4. jeffashcraft

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    Jeff Ashcraft
    I bought some software called 'TunePlus 2.0' at Best Buy (or another mass retailer) -- it allows you to copy the songs that are on your iPod and then add them to the hard-drive of your computer.

    took about 15 minutes to set it up, and then completely syncronized my old iPod with my new computer.

    It has been a while since i got it, but i don't think it cost more than $25 or $30
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    Mount your iPod as a disk. Do a search for hidden files *

    Copy to HDD and import into itunes.



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