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Discussion in '308/328' started by A12pilot, Sep 27, 2019.

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    Evening Folks!

    I restore cars as a hobby and go for the “rolled off the factory line” look with overspray on the undercarriage, inspection marks, etc, etc. I think it’s neat to see how they came originally. I’ve only had one car really judged by the supposed experts (and I did get a Concours Gold!:D), and I was curious if there was any type of guidance on finishes, documented assembly line markings, etc. that is posted anywhere on the 328 series? The particular car I’m looking at is pretty much flawless (you guys will know the car when I reveal), but I’d like to learn what was correct finish-wise, appearance, date code, etc. If I strike a deal on the car I’d probably throw it in a show in Houston or the DFW area and see how it all goes down. If anything, I’ll get a chance to make connections in the local clubs which will be fun!

    Thanks guys!

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