Lobo bolts

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    Hein Brand
    M8x1,0mm with 14mm head were used on the propshaft of all Giulietta 750-101 and early 105 series until 1967
    M8x1,0mm with 12mm wrench size were used on the intake manifold / carbs on all twin carb AlfaRomeo with DCOE Webers on 750-101-105series

    Hein Brand
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    Apologies for resurrecting an old thread - would I be correct in thinking that when you see "80" and "10.R" (or even "R10") on FIAT / LOBO marked heads (such in TTR's head collection picture) that they correspond to the respective ISO 8.8 and 10.9 classes ? Does the "R" represent the coating/finish type?
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    I don't have definitive answers to either, but your first assumption, i.e. "thinking", seems logical.
    The "R" might also refer to some other (than "coating/finish") technical spec.

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