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Discussion in 'Chicago' started by Chelle, Apr 21, 2017.

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    FYI, Skip (Craig) Williamson (DaRolls) passed away. He was needing another heart operation and I don't yet know the details but he has passed away. I'll share them details when i know more. I know as his health declined, he burned some bridges and was constantly being banned, but I thought some might want to know...

    I've had his 308qv for the last 3 years.. so now a daily reminder that he never got healthy enough in the last 3 years to go for that last ride he wanted to take.
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    Mike Seals
    May he Rest In Peace.

    He and I corresponded regularly when he was on the board, and during bans.

    He was passionate about cars and was a nice guy.

    I hope he's in a better place.

  3. Townshend

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    Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear about his passing. Hopefully he's enjoying car heaven
  4. GatorFL

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    RIP Craig. I also exchanged some dialog with him.
  5. Dave Bendl

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    Dave Bendl
    Thanks for posting Chelle. I'm sure he is in good hands. Bill Rosen is with him.
  6. Chelle

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    The service is only going to be for immediate family. Dave, I tried to call you but your VM was full. You knew Skip in the real world even longer than me so I wanted to make sure you knew. I have his sister's number if you need it.

    Skip really did love the cars, and his car friends, just a week ago we talked about his desire to drive the 308 if possible after his pending surgery. He said he was sincerely worried he wouldn't make it to the surgery. I don't know if he did yet as I'm trying not to push his sister too hard. He passed on the 18th, which was the date he told me he was likely to have surgery. A few years ago he had a quintuple bypass and heart valve replacement and during the surgery he lost a lot of his vision. The new surgery was going to be to replace the other valve. He sold the Rolls a few years ago and was largely stuck at home the last couple years with his pets (a parrot named Roger, a Ferret named Mittens and a cat named Misty). Haley, Kim, and I are taking in his pets so they won't have to go to shelters.

    I'll update more when I know.. it's nice to know there are still members who remember him fondly here.
    Bill, Skip, and Dave were among the first Ferrari people I met when I came onto the Chicago scene 18 years ago.. so many wonderful memories
  7. absent

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    mark k.
    Had some interesting PM exchanges with him.
  8. Daytona Rick

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    Sorry to hear the news. RIP Skip!
  9. Dino V

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    Sorry to hear, RIP Skip. Years back, he had brought out his Rolls to one of my events.
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    Uh, oh. Didn't see that until now.

    Very sad to hear.

    RIP Skip, you'll be missed. You were a gentleman Ferrari owner and your meticulous 308 is testimony to that.

    That said I know you enjoyed your time on Earth and as Dave said so poignantly I hope you have a party with Bill up there now.

    Chelle and Haley and Kim, thanks for taking care of Skip's pet companions. Glad they are in good hands.

    Skip did not have an easy time on here and I came to his defense many times (which probably didn't endear me to my fellow mods). He will never be forgotten, the brief time we shared was spectacular in Ferrari terms and I have plenty of great memories.

    Good bye my friend, until later.
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  11. Webby

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    Sep 12, 2004
    Rest in peace. He seemed like a nice guy. I have 3 ferrets, if you need someone to take care of Mittens, I'd be happy to adopt another

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