Looking For Someone To Test-drive a F430 in Chicago

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by Jason Rastegar, Jan 16, 2019.

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    Jason Rastegar
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    I live in Los Angeles and I’m think about buying my first Ferrari from this independent dealer in West Chicago.

    Chicago Motor Cars
    27W110 North Ave
    West Chicago, IL 60185 47hcUFk=&EBrochureEntityId=eXNLrtzqybU=&EventId=EZdnHwSgDCo=&CreatedById=a1XVkaPGjhk=&RemoteSiteId=i6I 47hcUFk=

    Would anyone in the area be interested in test driving it for me? Preferably I would love someone with F430 experience to do so, so you could let me know of anything weird you might notice.


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    Aug 16, 2010
    Chicago West Suburbs
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    I live in the area and have an F430 coupe. I sent you a PM with more info.

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