Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

Discussion in 'Who's Who in Ferrari Universe' started by bitzman, Oct 25, 2010.

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    Luca Cordero di Montezemolo was born shortly after WWII, in 1947, to an aristocratic family. One of his uncles was an Italian Naval hero in WWII, another relative was a hero of resisting the Nazis. His racing career was limited to being on the HF team for Lancia for a brief period. He first joined Fiat and in ’73 came to Ferrari where he was Enzo’s personal assistant and later put in charge of the racing section. He then went back to Fiat, where he was involved with promoting many things, even publishing, and then tied in with promoting the Italian entry in America’s Cup racing In ‘85, he went to world cup soccer, which is no doubt where he learned how important it is to protect a logo. In 91 Agnelli brought him back to Ferrari to manage the racing and he reconstructed Ferrari and then was put in charge of Maserati which was bought from DeTomaso by Fiat and made respectable again (DeTomaso had a lot of product but had a cavalier disregard for quality), Montezemolo is easily a role model for young Italian businessmen, not only in his business style but his command of many languages and ability to grasp the essentials of a complex challenge and work out a solution. He is somewhat of a clothes horse, favoring double breasted suits. He is probably the one man most responsible for keeping Ferrari competitive in the tiny exotic car world against new threats like the now flush-with-cash Audi-owned Lamborghini. He left the Fiat chairmanship in April 2010 but kept his post as President of Ferrari.
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    Jim Pernikoff
    I was wondering why Luca had been overlooked; I had been thinking of adding him myself.

    My Luca memory is from the US GP at Watkins Glen in 1975: Luca running down the pit lane entrance to argue with course clerk Burdie Martin over the black-flagging of Clay Regazzoni for blocking Emerson Fittipaldi. Even without being able to hear a word -- I was in the grandstand directly opposite -- I could "hear" every word that Luca was saying just by his arm and body motions! Of course, he lost the case, but since Lauda won the race (and the championship), did it really matter that much? My only regret is not having a suitable camera at the time to photograph that scene.....
  4. oss117

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    I would say Luca is "getting the job done" in a very egregious manner!
  5. ferrarist

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    as well as being a manager for Ferrari he is also a passionate fan! that's why he became that successful and loved by the community.
    he is always clear and speaks what he exactly thinks. honest presidente!

    a glimpse of his passion since the beginning!
  6. Car Detailing

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    Sep 8, 2011
    He has a nice house on the island of Capri. Went past it last month. Pink one.
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  8. DeSoto

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    Nov 26, 2003
    Interesting Lauda´s gesture in 01:00, when Montezemolo says: "...the Ferrari is a good car...".

    Maybe Niki was thinking: "not so good car, Luca, not so good".
  9. Sierra

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    Article in the WSJ Magazine of September 29, 2011 about Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, chairman of Ferrari, multimillionaire entrepreneur and champion of Italian culture.

    I don't know about the policy regarding posting links on this forum but however this article is also about doing business, social life and even politics in Italy, it is mainly about Ferrari and racing from 1972 until today.

    Read the article:
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    What a great article, and you have placed it into the exact Section here.

    Welcome, Sierra.

    I'll have to try some Aqui di Parma, have you experienced it??? :D :D
    Great photos in the sidebar as well.
  11. texasmr2

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    Oct 22, 2007
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    I'm jealous you lucky dog!!!
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  14. Christian.Fr

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