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    Aug 6, 2009
    Hey guys,

    XENO will be running a huge event coming up in SEPTEMBER called "Luxury+Supercar Weekend". Hosted by Edgewater Casino and sponsored by HSBC, Red Bull, Molson, Heineken, Concord Pacific and many other prominent businesses, it is going to be a two-day event (Sept. 12th&13th). LSW will be featuring more than 100 luxurious and exotic rides at Plaza of Nation and more than 9000 people are invited to come to the show. Here is your chance to discover a rarely seen, prestigious line-up of automotive excellence, including the world’s fastest Enzo, MC12, Saleen S7 TT, 251 mph Bugatti Veyron, the new Rolls Royce Phantom Drop Head Coupe, 1000 HP Wide Body Lamborghini Murcielago and many more to list. This is a must-go event for car enthusiasts!!!

    The tickets are on sale now at . For those who want to save commission, you can pick up your tickets at Edgewater Casino Guest Services or at the gate (subject to availability). For more information, please refer to

    Thank you
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