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    As I said in another thread. there is nothing in my view more fun than driving the last of the gated Ferrari’s and wouldn’t trade mine for a 488. That said, I hadn’t even looked at what was happening to prices in several years (until the dealership asked me if I was interested in trading out of mine and gave me an unexpected ballpark). I thought I read somewhere they made less than 1000 of them and they stopped offering gates in 09 (only 4 were imported in that last year?). Was hopeful someone actually knows the numbers (or perhaps are they unavailable?).

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    North American production numbers were 200 manual Berlinetta across all years, and 6 were 2009 model years. Not sure of spider variants at this time. But based on the math about 5-7% were optioned with manual transmission.
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    I also have a gated 430 which I love more every year. This question comes up from time to time. There are some good threads on this if you do a search. Here’s a good post for example

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    Yes that's the 64 thousand dollar question as to how may MT vehicles were produced in the F430 Berlinettas and the F430 spiders. I've read that the total number of Ferrari 360's produced was 16,000 and some say more F430's were made the the Ferrari 360's but there's no confirmation of that to be found anywhere. To know that number is important because some Dealers argue that only 5% were produced in the MT. But it should come as no surprise that Dealer is asking $299,900.00 for his low mileage clean 2006 F430 MT vehicle. Sounds to me like he's lying about the 5% number to simply justify his exorbitant asking price! While I've also read some say 10% and some claim 15%~20% were produced in the MT version, so go figure.
    For the 430 manual, the best we can do is make educated estimates of total production numbers based off some numbers that are known. It seems to be pretty well accepted that about 10% of total 430 production were manual transmission cars. Some countries like the UK were slightly higher (actual UK numbers are available) but that makes sense as in general manual transmissions are more popular there than in the US. Other countries were said to be lower, and as you have found, some believe the overall number is less than 10%, but for simplicity let's say 10%.

    Since there are no official numbers in terms of total 430 production, you have to use what is available. Production numbers state 16,379 360's total (both coupe and spider combined). It is reasonable to think 430 production was similar, possibly higher. Another excellent data point is the UK actual numbers for all 430's which is 1,835 (total for F1 and manual coupes and spiders). The UK historically represents about 10% of total Ferrari production. Both of these numbers point to an educated estimate of 18,000 total 430's with a perhaps a 50/50 split between coupe and spiders.

    Using 10% this would indicate approximately 900 Manual F430 coupes worldwide, and around 900 Manual 430 spiders. The US typically represents about 30% of worldwide volume, so I think there would not be more than 270 manual F430 coupes, and 270 manual F430 spiders in the US. Again, this is an educated estimate, but this seems to be the best approach for the 430 manual.

    As a comparison with the most rare modern V8s, there were 1,288 total 360 Challenge Stradales worldwide and 378 for North America (coupe only of course). The 430 16M was limited to 499 (spider only).

    from this thread

    There’s also this one

    Which references several others, and also has a good argument for around 1000 gated 430s total, worldwide, Spider and coupe combined. My hunch is around 1200. Ferrari won’t release figures and never actively compiled them.
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    Good to know. Still prices re down relative to the mania of two years ago.

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