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Market Value of a 98 355 F1 GTB with <10k miles

Discussion in '348/355' started by sfa1509, Feb 27, 2004.

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  1. sfa1509

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    Feb 25, 2004
    Los Angeles, CA
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    Sean Armstrong
    I have been searching the web and any F site I can find to locate a 355 GTB F1 from the 98 or 99 time frame. I have been focusing on these years based on the "valve guide problem."

    The majority of cars I have seen have been in the $90-100k price range, depending on whether 30k has been done. There are surprising number of cars out there that seem to have been less than well taken care off.

    While this is a request for the community's collective wisdom on pricing, it is also a veiled "Car Wanted" ad. I am a well-educated buyer, so please don't show me the junk. No re-sprays, no accidents, no multi-state hopscotching cars, no excuses.

    I note in a prior thread someone (more than one?) said the 95 had more horsepower. Can someone give me the background on that? How much lower are the later cars? Why is this the case?

  2. sherpa23

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    May 28, 2003
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    I know of a yellow 1998 F1 with less than 5k miles that is immaculate. The owner was contemplating selling but I am not sure if he is till considering it. It gets all its work done at FoBH which is near you, so that might make it easier for you to check up on it.

    The 95's are a little quicker than the post 95's. I think that one of the best people to talk about that would be Lawdog, as he sold his 1995 coupe and got a 1997 spider.

    From my search for my own F355B, I found that bumper resprays do not affect value in any way and in many cases, helps the car keep it value. I bought a car without a bumper respray but it's only because that was the right car for me. If it had the bumpers resprayed, it would not have affected my decision one bit (provided that it was good work).
  3. Bryan

    Bryan Formula 3

    Interesting data from past Road & Track issues

    Oct 1994 - 355b
    3150 lb
    0-60 4.9s
    380 hp @ 8250
    492 lb-ft (!!??) @ 6000
    Motronic 2.7

    June 1996 - 355 Spider
    3390 lb
    0-60 5.3s
    375 hp @ 8250
    268 lb-ft (!!??) @ 6000
    Motronic 5.2

    I wonder about the torque values for both cars.

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