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    As some may know from my previous posts I'm currently searching a 360 Modena. I can't tell you how valuable Matt's photos and visual inspection of the car in Georgia is to me. Truly a great group of folks here. And I thank him again for doing so since it is on my short list of cars I'm considering. I have contacted the dealer and they will be getting back to me when the car returns to them.

    This endeavor is all encompassing, facing long distances, time, and money to travel across the US to look at a particular car that in on my short list. I'm sure many here have gone through it. And since I still work my time off is a consideration too.

    I recently have been involved in negotiations on a 360 at Continental AutoSports in Illinois. It's an F1 car not a 3 pedal. But it's a one owner, 46K mile car with impeccable history (due to the one owner). You guys will either hate the color combo or love it. I love it. It's Argento with a special order Extracampionario interior and carpets in Grigio Fumo.

    My question is, taking Matt's lead, is there anyone that could scope the car out for me. Just a visual pre inspection kind of thing. The photos of the car that the dealer has posted look good and there are a lot. But as mentioned previously, a pair of eyes in person is an invaluable asset prior to a plane ride to Illinois.

    Thanks in advance, Ken in Florida

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