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    Just pulled this off from


    Schumacher takes on a new adversary
    Ferrari driver set to challenge a jet! [10/12/03 - 13:17]

    Michael Schumacher

    Michael Schumacher may yet find himself coming second in a race, however, if that is the case it may have more to do with the machinery than the pilot.

    The Ferrari driver, who claimed his sixth World title this season, is scheduled to take on a supersonic jet fighter, the Eurofighter Typhoon hunter-bomber, in Italy on Thursday. The event will be held at the Grosseto military base, and will consist of two contests each designed to favour a different competitor.

    The first event is a short distance run, which should favour Schumacher?s F2003-GA, while the second, a long distance race, is likely to favour the jet, which will be piloted by Maurizio Cheli.

    ?We have organized things so that the race may be as balanced as possible, with one race that should, in theory, favor the aircraft and the other favoring the Ferrari,? said Italian Air Force General Sandro Ferracuti. ?In any case, both machines tend to enhance the individual skills of their pilots.?


    Hello All,
    Finally got around to my first post on the new FChat. Have been reading all posts every single day for the last 6 months (upto 10 times a day).....Good to see all your posts and I hope to be a lot more active in participating in ur discussions.

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