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Discussion in '456/550/575' started by Bart, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. Bart

    Bart Formula 3

    Nov 1, 2003
    Orange County, Calif
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    I have looked at various price guides for my car but none have a mileage guide. Does anyone know the normal miles for a 97 550? What is the excessive mileage and its cost? I have only 42,000 on mine.
  2. dwood1969

    dwood1969 Karting

    Nov 1, 2003
    Charlotte, NC
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    David Wood
    I would say that you are looking at about 20K-25K as average mileage for a 97. My 99 has about 9K on it - which is not particularly low mileage (or so I have been told) - and I would expect it to have about 15K on it 2 years with weekend driving.
  3. Doody

    Doody F1 Veteran

    Nov 16, 2001
    MA USA
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    Mr. Doody
    if your question is "what is the statistical average mileage of all 1997 550s" you can dig 'em all up that are listed for sale online and do some math.

    it's nowhere near 42K though - your car probably defines the far side of the bell curve.

    if your question is more along the lines of "what is the value delta due to my 42K miles" , that's a tougher question.

    i found a 1998 with 33K miles asking 128.5. that's the highest i've ever seen, besides yours. there are a couple in the high 20s listed online here and there, but no pricing.

    are you looking to sell bart?

  4. Texas Forever

    Texas Forever Four Time F1 World Champ
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    Apr 28, 2003
    Doody, just musing here... I wonder if the newer cars might start a trend toward higher mileage cars. It always bugs me when I see 30-year old Daytona being offered with, say, 30,000 miles. My guess is that these cars sat up for while cause something was broke. The newer cars, though, could almost be daily drivers (why you would is another story, but you could). Thus, 30 years from know, I'm hoping that we will see Maranellos with 150k miles, not 30k.

  5. Bart

    Bart Formula 3

    Nov 1, 2003
    Orange County, Calif
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    No, I am not thinking of selling my little toy. Just wondering the mileage cost. of my driving it. I hope to hit 50,000 this summer.
  6. mike550

    mike550 Formula Junior

    Aug 20, 2003
    California - LA & SF
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    Mike G
    Bart - I hope to catch you. I am using my 2000 as my daily driver - have not taken the Porsche out since I got the 550.

    I have put 3,000 miles on in 3 months (6,000 miles on it now). That is the fun of having the 550 is driving it.

    Still smiling.
  7. bobafett

    bobafett F1 Veteran

    Sep 28, 2002
    I'm with Mike - got the car in July, was away from it for 2 months, put on ~5k miles in the other 3. Car currently has just shy of 16.5k

  8. mw575

    mw575 F1 Rookie

    May 30, 2001
    Lake Oswego,Or
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    Martin J Weiner,M.D.
    It blows my mind that some fellow Ferrari owners almost proudly declare the ridiculously low # of miles on their car.I wonder what the point of ownership is? To decorate the garage? To get "top dollar" on an eventual trade in?
    The joy for me is driving these works of art.
    Have already put 5k mi on my '03 575 and have loved every mile.
  9. donv

    donv F1 World Champ
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    Jan 5, 2002
    Portland, Oregon
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    It seems to me that the newer cars are driven less than the old cars were. In the old days, these cars were daily drivers and were regarded more as "just a car."

    FYI, my '69 365 2+2 accumulated about 50,000 miles from 1969 - 1977. How many 50,000 mile '99 550s or 456Ms do you expect to see in 2007?

    How many 50,000 mile F512Ms or '95 456s do you see now?

    I think the Europeans do tend to drive their cars more, but I don't have any data to support that.

    I also believe that, then and now, most of these cars are owned by people who own multiple cars. Thus, if you are driving 15,000 miles per year and own 5 cars, that's only 3,000 miles per year per car if you drive each the same amount.
  10. bobafett

    bobafett F1 Veteran

    Sep 28, 2002
    Don: all of the european advertisements I have seen support your suggestion.


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