Mistral and power steering

Discussion in 'Maserati' started by emsiegel13, Jul 2, 2018.

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    Elliot M. Siegel
    Was there ever an option on the mistral for hydraulic power steering? if not, could hydraulic power steering be added to the Mistral, perhaps using the system that was offered on the Ghibli. I know that electric power steering can be retrofitted to the Mistral but that would required upgrading the alternator to handle the increased load that such a conversion would demand.
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    Mark Oliver
    I have no idea for certain whether power steering was optional on the Mistral, although the car overlapped with the Ghibli, so it would be not unreasonable to assume that the system would be common to both, as it was between the Indy and Ghibli.
    I always intended to add OE power steering to my Ghibli restoration, and have all the parts - purchased piecemeal over several years But they are many, and now are extremely hard (and hence expensive) to find.

    If you need power assistance, and it wasn’t originally available, surely the least obtrusive, most authentic looking, and cheapest
    method is electric via EZ electric assistance? Anything else will require additional bracketry and drive pulleys in the engine bay and all the fabrication and complexity that goes with it.

    Just thinking out loud.....

    Any pictures of your project Elliot?



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