mondial 3.2 problem on heater control

Discussion in 'Mondial' started by mondial5183, Mar 3, 2009.

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    Hi, i have a problem on the heater control. Indeed, i think that the heater control valve is closed every time. I tested it, and i found 12 v when the heater control is on cold or hot position. If i want heater in the internal of my vehicule, i have to remove the relay under the central aerator. Then the valve is opened.
    I tried to change the relay...i checked the control unit behind the passenger's foot...Anybody here knows how this valve works ?
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    Peter Goodall
    The heater control valve is held closed when power is present. It cycles from full open to full closed, the amount of time spent open determines how warm the air is. If you disconnect it, it should go to full on. The valve itself is located in the passenger's footwell, high on the outside wall. It has a lead on the top you can pull off to test. Also, you can test current at that line, it should be going 12v-0v-12v except at full heat (0v) and off (12v). The valves do ave a tendency to fail, which will leave them effectively closed whether or not they are getting power. If you get warm air by disconnecting something, it isn't the valve.

    There are plenty of threads regarding this, including hints such as cleaning out the temperature sensor--located low on the dash to the left of the steering wheel--and making sure that the tiny fan behind it pulling air past it is operational.

    In terms of what controls the valve opening relative to the temperature, that I don't know about.

    Hope that helps.

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