Mondial 3.2/T internal electronics refresh...

Discussion in 'Mondial' started by Marco Bussadori, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Marco Bussadori

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    Marco Bussadori
    Wanting your opinion... I found a supplier of custom cut and anodized aluminum. I have made CAD models of the switch plates on the center console, with the holes for AC, clock and all the switches. I have found suppliers for switches with back lit icons, as there is no lighting on the aluminum.

    It all looks like it is compatible with the car's age. I wanted your comment, if you found your car not to have the original warped, worn consoles, but a new replacement (though id would look perfectly in place, so no jap modding with blue LEDs) would it have affected your decision to buy the car (assume the electrics are done professionally).

    In my project I will put two digital gauges (that look like the clock but in red) for the cat temperatures (which I have built the thermocouple amplifiers myself - forget the Ferrari ones for USD 300+, I made mine - prototype - for USD 50). So if the slow-downs start to blink, I can check for the actual temperature.

    Like your opinion...

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  4. oliv928

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    Aug 14, 2008
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    to my mind it would be great to add some lightning on the central desk buttons, for night use. I mean : windows, antenna, ...
    do you have any pictures of your CAD model ? Do You use blender software ?
    My actual project is to add a rear view camera for reverse running pan view. This cam will send the image on the small LCD of my new CD player. cabling is done, CD player is installed, I am waiting for the cam.

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