Mondial QV passenger doorlock noise

Discussion in 'Mondial' started by afterburner, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. afterburner

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    Jun 20, 2008
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    Hi Mondial owners

    My car's automatic passenger doorlock makes a very nasty "shrrrrki" noise every time I use it via the driver's side doorlock (lock and unlock identical). I have taken it out and lubrticated it; no change whatsoever. The unit is sealed and looks alright from the outside.
    It works as intended. But the noise is emits while doing so is horrible. Does anyone else's emit the same irritating load noise? Thanks for advice.

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  3. afterburner

    afterburner Formula 3
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    Jun 20, 2008
    Hong Kong
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    I removed a section of cover where I suspected the motor to be... lucky, I was right.
    - the casing is made from a fibre re-inforced engineering plastic (maybe polyamide) and difficult to cut. I superglued the cover section back in place and taped the remaining gaps.
    Originally, it is probably assembles with a waterproof ultrasound weld.
    -The motor drives the first gear, floating on the axle, wheel via a spring damper. That floating wheel is kept in place by the "smashed" end of the driven clutch metal part. In my case, the smashed part was too small, resulting in the gearwheel moving off with the spring damper becoming undone, and the gear wheel rubbing on the casing. I drilled access holes both ends and smashed the end a bit more. It worked, all stays in place now.
    - The gear wheels are a mix of plastic (nylon?) and metal (zinc injection?)
    - Moving the actuator by hand produces no noise, and doesn't turn the motor. There is a (centrifugal?) clutch in the system between the actuator bar and the motor.
    - I oiled the motor and all accessible moving parts.
    - There is a bunch of electronic components tucked away in the casing near the motor too.

    The unit works a lot quicker now and produces a little less noise... still not very quiet though.
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  4. Birdman

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    Mine makes the same noise on both doors. When you lock it, it goes "zeeeet!" I decided it was normal since the doors lock and unlock just fine.
  5. afterburner

    afterburner Formula 3
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    Jun 20, 2008
    Hong Kong
    Should the driver's door lock automatically when the passenger's INTERIOR lock is pressed?
    Mine doesn't, so is it broken?
    Or, what is the driver's door lock motor actually doing except transmitting the locking order (from the exterior and interior) to the passenger door?

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