Montana LLC in CHI

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by bradley ritner, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. bradley ritner

    Aug 18, 2020
    Anyone have their car registered under a Montana LLC? I am considering purchasing a vintage exotic and live in the city of CHI. I’m interested in anyone’s experience with authorities while driving around with MT plates.

    Anything that I should be aware of?

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  3. pilotoCS

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    May 19, 2019
    The District
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    In Virginia and the District, Montana plated exotic cars get pulled over a lot. The first thing they do is compare the address on your driver's license to the address on your registration. If they don't match, you got a whole lot of explaining to do.
  4. DavidPutty

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    Jan 19, 2020
    Del Boca Vista
    If you don't drive much it probably won't matter. Not sure id risk it on daily driver.

    Another way they catch these things is by auditing dealers. A local person registering in MT. Is a red flag. If you are buying from an individual that's not a problem

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