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  1. Reacherman1022

    Dec 13, 2016
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    Jack Reacher
    Moving soon and having never been there, I could use some recommendations on ares to live etc. My wife and I are empty nesters but a relative will be at Penn State playing football. ANY recommendations would be appreciated.

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  2. sgfreak96

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    May 15, 2015
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    Hey there, I would say it depends how close you want to live to the school. There are a lot of neighborhoods on the outskirts that are very nice probably 20-30 minutes from campus. That said, the older homes in the town are nice and there are some quiet neighborhoods that also remain close to downtown. Outside of a few supercars, the majority of high end vehicles you will see are all student owned. You will see 20 year olds in ferraris, lamborghinis, rolls royces, bentleys, you name it. I know there were a handful of adults in the area with some awesome cars though, I recall an f430, a stryker green viper ACR, and an orange huracan rumored to be owned by someone affiliated with Accuweather (HQ is in state college). Source: I graduated in 2018. It’s an amazing place. If you enioy football and an energetic place, you will enioy it.

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