Multiple 430's ordered & delivered...

Discussion in 'Texas' started by Flywater, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Flywater

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    Aug 9, 2004
    Fort Worth, Tx
    I'm still trying to figure this one out.
    And the simple answer may be - this guy has a lot of clout. But business is business and a dealer has to do business. But this just bothers, somewhat, us "normal" guys who are on the "waiting list" for a 430 Spider.

    Here are the facts:

    Person X has one of the 1st 430's (coupe) delivered to a local meet a couple of months ago. Beautiful car, etc....
    Then Person X has another 430 Spider delivered to another more recent meet. Once again - delivered from the same dealer (not a Texas dealer) and this Person X is not a dealer himself.
    I then see the same COLOR and UNIQUE OPTIONED 430 Spider in another dealer's showroom, but this is NOT the same 430 Spdier that I saw earlier. I then find out that this carbon copy 430 Spider is indeed being sent to this lucky same Person X.
    Something seems fishy here... help me out.
    1. Why get the same exact 2 cars from 2 different dealers?
    I know the flipping issue comes to mind, but this is difficult to do, as you have to trade in the vehicle to the same dealer where purchased. This may just be a way for the dealers to get some showroom presence of the new cars to generate more interst/orders. As I am aware that the dealers can not order cars for themselves.

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  3. rob lay

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    Rob Lay
    Hey, I know the individual you speak of and a little about the story. You might get some more from others, but I think I have 80% of it figured out.

    The individual you speak of has bought every single new Ferrari you can get since the early 80's. The exception may be no GTO and they couldn't even get an Enzo, although they tried. This person is a true enthusiast, but doesn't keep the cars forever. I think on average will keep them a couple years before the next Ferrari model fills the place. I don't think there is any motivation to flip as one reason they are always first on the list is the dealer makes back end on the trade too. This person is just an overall enthusiast that has his garage full of the newest models.

    This person has two homes, one in each state of the two dealers he is a customer. Ferrari has very strict rules about you can only sell new cars within your region, but this customer gets around it by living in both regions.

    I didn't know this person had another 430 Spider on order. I assume from the 2nd dealership. I doubt this person will flip it right away as that isn't their intention, more likely just use it as trade when the next new model comes in at Dealer #2.

    LV, I assume your car is coming through the local dealership? I think it goes without saying there are politics between the customers, dealers, FNA, and Italy. New ownership and especially ownership not yet use to the idiosyncrasies of the manufacturer may not be at the top of the FNA waiting list. So lets see, customers are on a mystical waiting list with a dealer that is also on a mystical waiting list with FNA. Only headache for cars that sell themselves is for the waiting customers.

    Hey, he sat 3 rows behind you and about 30 seats over at Indy. :)
  4. Flywater

    Flywater Karting

    Aug 9, 2004
    Fort Worth, Tx
    Yes, we both know who this person is, he truly is a man man with a need for speed. He is very nice and so is his wife (think she drives a Porsche GT2 or 3). We rode with him to the race. Anyways, He does have an Enzo and just told us that he is getting a second one from someone in "financial troubles" in Cali. He is also, not surprising, getting a Superamerica...
    just thought it very unusual having two carbon copy cars...

    Yes now that you mention it, he does have a place in Vail...

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