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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by paul360m, May 5, 2004.

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    Thought I'd better stop hijacking threads & post a few pics of my new car!

    I collected it from HR Owen in London last week - wish that i'd arranged to collect it from Italy like Robin tried to & Bob did though - those pictures coming out of the gates are superb!

    Its specced as follows:

    Rosso Scuderia
    Nero/Red interior with Red stitching
    Roll Bar
    Black Harnesses
    & of course the racing Stripe!

    First impressions - well, even limiting to 5000rpm it feels so much more precise & planted than my 360M - worth the upgrade - defintely - to me its how a Ferrari should be - quite 'basic & raw' with not too many frills.

    Couple of questions:

    Does it really only need 95 octane fuel?
    Whats the general consensus on running in - is it 5000rpm up to 600 miles & then lit rip or a gradual increase? Due to poor weather have only done 300 miles so far & have limited it to 5K so far but cant wait to get above that. I do plan to change the oil & filter at the first change too.

    Look forward to meeting up at some stage in the future.


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    Tony H
    Fantastico ..... the more i see these cars, the more i need one. Not sure exactly where you are, but i'm not too far from Heathrow, in Teddington. If you fancy a play , just let me know.

  3. robinh

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    I asked about running the car in while I was at the factory. They have perhaps an Italian view to this question, the answer basically being that the car and engine are well tested (car does at least 115km usually on the Fiorano track) and the engine, before it is put in the car is run a full power (under load) for a minimum of 15 minutes. So the answer I got was provided the car is up to temperature and it's not really mistreated it will take whatever you want to give to it.

    I have to say that my interpretation of this has been to try the race mode for a bit (M25 Sunday for 15 miles or so) to not try to do more than around 5k to 6k rpm, to not give full throttle or floor the throttle etc. etc
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    This running in period is a pisser. What H R Owen told me was to keep it below 5K for the first 600 miles, then gradually increase the rev limit until you get to 1000 miles, get it checked, then give it the full moo. What I actually did was keep it below 6K(ish) for the first 600, using 'race' as often as not, then kept it below 7K until I got it to 1000 miles.

    While I'm pretty damn sure this is unnecessary, I did it anyway. If you've seen the cars coming straight off the production line going out for testing, you'll know that the test drivers rag the tits off them straight away. Rev limit my arse.

  5. 360CS

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    Joe J

    Looking forward to seeing the car in the Metal........

  6. KenC

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    Congrats on the new car - it looks great. I take it you won't need the 340 now!


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