My car is sad.....:(

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by FerrariFrank1, Feb 1, 2004.

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    I went out and fired up both the 308 and the 'Vette,today. Good thing I have Battery tenders on them,as,they both fired right up. But,I took the 'Vette out for a little spin,as,I don't mind if that car gets a little stuff on it. I had to take it over to Road Ranger for some of that Good 100 Octane Racing Gas ($3.09/gallon doesn't seem as bad anymore,seeing that I use Amoco Ultimate in the Ferrari,and thats 93 Octane,and almost $2.00/Gallon.) But,just couldn't bring myself to take the 308 out in this. The roads by my house are clear of snow and ice. But,thats because they Salt the living Sh*t out of them here. The roads in my neighborhood are brand new,so,they were all nice and black. But,because there is so much salt on the roads,they are,literally,as white as the snow on the lawns! And,when I see cars drive by,they are kicking up a huge Salt dust cloud. So,the 308 is a little bit sad. (me too) that it couldn't go out today like it's garage mate did. Gotta wait until the Rains come and wash all of that crapola away.
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  3. tifosi12

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    Mine isn't sad and we went for a drive today. However mine is also rusting. That'll be one expensive maintenance job come spring time. OTOH I hated that loaded diaper since I got the car. Maybe it's time for a tubi?

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