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My life is now complete - I tracked my F355

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by Shuey2k, Jan 22, 2004.

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  1. Shuey2k

    Shuey2k Karting

    Nov 14, 2003
    Clearwater, FL
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    Willi Schumacher
    After 10 months of glorious ownership I finally talked myself into tracking my 355 at Sebring. I have been doing track events there for over 5 years so I have a pretty good feel for that track but as I am sure most of you can relate I have spent my life dreaming about owning this car and needless to say I was nervious. The event started when I landed in FL coming home from a long CA trip on Friday evening. Rushing around the house making sure I had everything ready I felt like a senior in High School heading for the prom. I load up my two kids into the back of the M3 that I recently purchased with the intent of making it a track rat. As I snap the buckle on my daughter's car seat she begins to cry and my wife looks at me and says "Do we have to take the Ferrari"? Please, I have waited my life for this and I am less than 12 hours away. Thinking quick I tell her she can drive the 355 and I will follow her with the kids in tow. How cool is that? My wife that, lucky for me is hot as hell is driving a car that I refer to as "pure sex". That in itself makes this a moment to remember.

    We check into the Chateau Elan and I proceed to park the car just outside my window I actually lay in bed as if I will get even 15 minutes of sleep. 7AM rolls around in what feels like eternity and 2 hours later I pull up pit lane and roll out on to the track. I really went over there with the intent of getting 8-10 laps in just to say I tracked it. After one warm up lap I am somehow transformed into Michael Schumacher himself, braking late and pulling back on the paddles up and down the gearbox. I have tracked several cars and never have I felt so connected to a vehicle. After 6 or so laps I pull in and get out of the car knowing that next to the birth of my children I have just experienced the best moments of my life.

    I jump into the M3 and after 4 laps I pull in and the car sat there the rest of the day - No comparison. What I thought would be "just a few laps" turns out to be a day at the track with the Ferrari. For all of you that haven't tracked your F-car DO IT NOW! Who cares about the rock chips, the potential for breakdown or worse. Please go and enjoy this car, you will not regret it!

    P.S. On the F1 tranny if you bump the rev limiter will the computer drop the car into N? This happened on two occassions and I wasn't sure if this is normal. Also, is it normal for the car to leak some steering fluid out of the fill cap? Either way - Who cares
  2. jakermc

    jakermc Formula 3

    Jan 17, 2004
    Palm Beach, FL
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    This probably means that you boiled your steering fluid. An instructor friend of mine who drives a Viper had to install a cooler to prevent on the track boiling from happening every time. I would flush the system and put new fluid in. The good news is that this means you were really moving out there ..... :)
  3. BigHead

    BigHead Formula Junior

    Oct 31, 2003
    Outside of Boston
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    Boiling over power steering fluid is a common ailment on 355s on the track. One solution is to retrofit a Challenge bottle with a new cap and a remote reservoir.


  4. Mitch Alsup

    Mitch Alsup F1 Veteran

    Nov 4, 2003
    As someone who has put over 1,500 laps on my F355 in the last two years, I fully concurr with Shuey2K's conclusion: drive them on the track (and drive them on the roads too).

    Just like a supermodel for a wife, they are worth the high maintanence.

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