My luck is running out...

Discussion in 'California (Southern)' started by Jet-X, Apr 14, 2004.

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    ...for getting busted by a cop.

    Couple weeks ago, leaving Crystal Cove, I was puttering on PCH northbound. Well, at the Jamboree/PCH stop light, when it turned green, I went a bit faster, winding out the engine. Only about 15 seconds later did I notice in my rear view mirror all of the traffic that was at the light with me was easily 1/4 mile back. Is my car that fast? Nope. Cocked my head a little bit and sure enough, there was a cop tailing me in my blind spot.

    He was very nice pulling up to me "almost....3 more miles and I wouldn've stopped you..." (referring to my speed, was doing 62 in a 45). We smiled, I slowed down a lot, and went our ways.

    Well today, basically again...too nice to take the quick way home, drove up PCH to Main St. in Laguna Beach, and headed up the canyon. at the stop light just west of the Pagent of the Masters, at the light a UPS driver leans out revving the UPS truck engine "....wanna race for pink slips?".... me " nah, you're cargo - it's worth more!"

    Needless to say it was very friendly and playful banter. What I didn't see (****ing idiot that I am) was the police officer just 50 yards ahead on the opposite side of the street looking for speeders. Light is about to turn green, and we're revving engines, and we go for it. Only I pull away quickly, engine winding out at 7k RPM tubi and test pipes in full harmony bouncing off the buildings and hillside. Immediately as I'm passing the cop, I let off, and see in my mirror the brake lights go on - he's going to come for me. But, traffic in the opposite direction keeps him at bay, and he doesn't put the lights on. I think he thought too much trouble, and I did slow down rather quickly.

    Whew! Lucky today. Exhibition of speed and drag racing against a UPS truck. I gotta slow it down.

    It's really Jerry and Armen's fault (have to blame someone) - racing up city streets at elatious speeds got my blood flowing; UPS drivers too!
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    Jordan Witherspoon
    I would be careful racing UPS trucks. They can pull on a Mondial :)
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    :eek: OUCH :eek:
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    That's friggin funny Jordan!! Ha ha! Sorry Brian ... didn't mean to laugh at your expense! :)
  5. SAF1

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    The ugly brown truck could'nt even keep up with any Mondial.

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