Nav for 430?

Discussion in '360/430' started by absent, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. absent

    absent F1 Veteran
    Lifetime Rossa

    Nov 2, 2003
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    mark k.
    Is Navigation available for the 430?(like in the 612)
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  3. godzilla

    godzilla Karting

    Feb 9, 2004
    Full Name:
    David Yu
    Yup, it's a Becker option. Not very good IMO.
  4. udalmia

    udalmia Guest

    if its the same one they had in the 360 which i think it is, do not bother
  5. Yeah its been around for a while in the Murci, 575 etc.. I think they should have added a true lcd screen into the 430 in the center console. With information about the car and customization settings. Might sound okward to some in a Ferrari but I think as technology progresses Ferrari should follow.
  6. rossi

    rossi Formula Junior

    Feb 6, 2004
    They Ferrari navigation is identical to the old Becker Traffic Pro. Only difference when you get the Becker (original) is that you the "Becker" logo instead of "Ferrari" and you'll pay half the price. It has no lcd and also is only cd-based instead of dvd.
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  8. hardtop

    hardtop F1 World Champ

    Jan 31, 2002
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    It is available for a mere US$ 2471. I would go to radi shack for a portable.

  9. rviant

    rviant Karting

    Jan 22, 2004
    Full Name:
    Don't bother with the becker get a pioneer avic N1/N2 screen pops out and you can play mp3/wma and dvd's as well on it. Nice screen and easy to use

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