NC Roads really are terrible...

Discussion in 'North & South Carolina' started by Ricambi America, Feb 11, 2004.

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    For the amount of money I spend in North Carolina taxes, this is disgraceful:

    (From the Triad Business Journal online -- 10 Feb 04)

    2:55 PM EST Tuesday

    Report: N.C. roads among worst in country

    North Carolina's state-maintained highways rank among the worst in the nation in pavement condition and congestion, says a study by David Hartgen, professor of transportation studies at UNC-Charlotte.

    Hartgen's latest annual report, which examines trends in highway data from 1984 to 2002, determined that North Carolina ranks 45th in the nation in highway performance and 36th in the cost-effectiveness of its state-maintained road system.

    North Carolina's overall ranking in 2002 was 36th; in 2001, the state ranked 20th.

    The state's transportation problems are noticeable in rural pavement conditions and traffic congestion on urban interstates. Only three states -- California, Maryland and Minnesota -- have a higher percentage of congested urban interstates.

    North Carolina ranked 42nd in the condition of urban interstates, 44th in rural interstate condition and 45th in the condition of rural primary roads.

    The study was based on state data submitted to the federal government for 2002, the latest year available.

    North Carolina has the second-largest, state-maintained road system in the country. Its per-mile expenditures historically have lagged other states. In 2002, the state spent $7,228 per mile to maintain roads. The national average is $16,478.
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    Jeremy Stafford
    This pretty much sums it all up! I know our roads are horrible potholes galore! Look out if you have low profile tires! Make sure you have enough PSI to keep from bending a rim.
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    I know the 2 main roads which lead to my house have been under construction for 3 years now and both are 2 years behind schedule.

    My wife is from Delaware and they have very good roads there. Every time we have been to visit, they are repaving them.

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