Need a new thermostat?

Discussion in '308/328' started by davem, Jul 11, 2009.

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    Today before going out for a drive i had my Mondial 3.2 idling in the driveway, say 15 minutes. After i got in i noticed it starting to overheat. Shut it down. Radiator is cold, no fans running. Little puddle comes out from expansion tank.

    Take cap off it looks fine, fill up tank. Start car some hours later after its cooled off. Bleed system at radiator and top of Tstat with heat on. Everything is fine. Heat is coming out, fans come on, radiator hot. Take it for a spirited drive, all is well.

    So im guessing either the Tstat stuck or a bad cap second. Any thoughts??

    Also where do you purchase at reasonable prices!?

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    I just lucked out in not destroying my engine as it overheated Fri nt. Removed the old thermostat to find the bottom half melted and top metal was off of one side, needless to say I replaced it yesterday with the Wahler brass one #056121113a $12.95 found @ napa. rubber gasket in photo $1.98 found @ advance auto. felt gasket modified one to fit the car from another manufacturer $0.63.

    I wouldn't chance it again seeing what can happen with factory Ferrari parts....I'll take the aftermarket alternative thanks...
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