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Need a referral

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by LLM, Nov 13, 2003.

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  1. LLM

    LLM Rookie

    Nov 1, 2003
    Hey Guys & Gals,

    I don't post much on the site but am a heavy lurker and find this site a joy and very informative as I move closer to my 360 purchase.

    With that said, I am in the process of of building a web site for our 1 year old Photo Allbum Company. We have had very good success in the first year selling into the major retailers, Target, Bed Bath, Aaron Bros, etc. Additionally, we have cultivated over 700 smaller stores throughout the country via trade shows and sales reps. We are EDI compliant for the big guys but have no web presence for the smaller stores. Currently we receive most orders via fax (1980's style).

    We need a Web site! My partner has a guy that will build the "back end" e-commerce side, and host the site. I am looking for a really good "front end" graphics person that can give us the look, functionality and feel we want for our site.

    I am located in So. Cal and I think a local source would be best.

    Anyone have any experience with this? Referrals?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. PeterS

    PeterS Four Time F1 World Champ
    Silver Subscribed

    Jan 24, 2003
    Goodyear, AZ
    Full Name:
    LLM..First off, congrats on your business! It sounds like you have done everything right. I sent this link to a buddy of mine at a company called Firepoppy. His company offeres an extremely inexpensive service for web-based orders that you should take a hard look at to expand your business. He may have a web source for you. I would suggest finding a some one that can do you a quick FrontPage website. You can see mine at I will be using Firepoppy's service in the next month.
  3. JimSchad

    JimSchad Guest

    not local and not cheap. Very good friend of mine is Art Director for an ad agency here in Dallas. Doing 14 McDonald's commercials right now. Anyway they do ecommerce web presence stuff too. Secure payments, ordering, site design all that stuff. I think the division is called WideEye, but could be wrong. Feel free to email/call him if you like.

    Aaron L Opsal
    Associate Creative Director

    Moroch Leo Burnett
    3625 N Hall #1100
    Dallas, TX 75219
    Direct Line - 214.525.6827
    Direct Fax - 214.525.4827
    Main Phone - 214.520.9700

    [email protected]
  4. JimSchad

    JimSchad Guest

    Also, Aaron is in L.A. all the time for shoots so I am sure he has some local contacts if he can't get what you need.
  5. BrentC

    BrentC Formula Junior

    Aug 13, 2003
    You could use our guy - he's not local, but he's cheap. Check out our site to see what he did - . He's a design grad and would do it on the side, so the $ would be reasonable for you. If you are interested PM me and I will forward the info to him.

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