Need Italian translation help please

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    This is a long one, so I hope you find it interesting at least.

    Probably this thread will need to be moved to "other topics" however it does involve a trip to the Factory in Maranello! What I hope is that some of the F chatters that are fluent in Italian can help to interpret the text below and perhaps give some solid advice on how to properly deal with Italian companies and, worse case scenario, Italian lawyers. So here is my story.

    In early July of this year my wife and I travelled to Italy see the ruins, artwork and culture (my wife's part) and visit the Factory in Maranello (all me baby). Our first stop was in Rome, because all roads lead to Rome in case you were unaware. Upon arrival (my first trip) I was surprised at the atmosphere. Some might call it exciting, some might call it busy, I prefer a more generic description such as "out of control". For those that have been there, I know you can relate. Any way, the plan was three days in Rome and then off to Florence, where I would depart in my rental Alfa to the factory. Being fully equipped tourists and experienced world travelers, we managed to pack all of our supplies into carry-on luggage for a ten day Italian tour. Pretty proud of that. Amongst the travel necessities we packed was a 35mm digital camera and a wide screen laptop, the subjects of my story today.

    Day one in Rome was exciting and nervous, maddening really. Between trying to cross the street alive and identifying all of the strange little boot cars that travel the streets of Rome, I was in sensory overload. Did manage to make it to the Trevi fountain, shoot some pictures and email em back home. If any one is interested, I could not identify one Ferrari in downtown Rome, however I did see a number of Maser's about, shuttling very official looking stern characters to and fro.

    Day two is serious sightseeing. For all that may be wondering, even with a personal tour guide, visiting the Colisseum, Forum, Catacombs and Vatican is not a very good idea. I know, I did it. We were shuttled about in a nice Mercedes and our guide was one of the kindest people I have ever met in my travels abroad, however his opinion of his own government, and its caretaking of the start of western civilization as we know it, was quite low. Got a lot of good info from that guy, and I can tell you his love for the F-car was deep and sincere.

    Upon return from the whirlwind tour, we collapsed on the bed (for a moment) downloaded 287 pictures from the camera to the laptop, and decided it was time to eat. We were staying in a 4 star hotel within walking distance of the Colisseum and Forum, cost was $500 USD per night for around 600 sq. ft. of living area (typical for Europe). Due to the cost and recommendations of others, as well as the appointments of the hotel, we felt completely secure, so off to dinner we go, handing our key to the front desk on the way out (another European custom that is a bit startling, but when in Rome......). An early dinner near the old Forum (6:00 PM for dinner is early in Rome) with a meal I cannot pronounce but found quite good, and we head back to the room for a good nights rest. Thinking ahead of my Factory tour that is only 4 days away, I walked back to the room quite content, anticipating pictures of cars, towns and equipment that are to come.

    This is where it gets ugly. We have been gone from the 4 star room that charges $500 USD per night for a total of 90 minutes. Upon entering the room, we notice something is amiss. But what? My wife recognizes immediately that the wide screen Toshiba laptop is not in the docking station provided for by the hotel. Gotta be kidding me! In the closet with the camera? Nope, in fact the camera is gone too!! Maybe we forgot and put them in the day bag we used that day for water bottles, sandals, sunscreen etc? But the laptop, no way, we did not pack the thing around Rome that day for sure. Well, the search for the day bag turned up nothing, in fact I surmise the day bag was what was used for the transport of the camera, laptop and personal items taken from the room. We have been ripped off, damnit!! Down to the front desk I go to ask to view the security tapes. Nope, no security system in the house. What? Even in friggin Mexico we have security tapes, not so at my 4 star $500 USD per night room (did I mention that 4 star part before?) What now? What do we do? The attendant was anxious to be rid of me as I think he gathered I was a tad upset, so he directed me to the police station across the street. Madder than hell, I walk over to the police station with my wife in tow to fill out a report. Denied! This particular police station only handles local complaints for Italian citizens, and he redirects me to another police station that is six blocks away that handles the complaints of internation visitors. You kidden me? I say. With a touch of his hand to his pistol, he assures me that he is not kidding me and strongly urges me to leave the police station. Remember the tour guide I mentioned above? Earlier that day he informed he felt the Italian Polizia were thoroughly and completely corrupt, at least those that wear the uniform. He told me if I ever needed help to not approach the uniformed police but to look for undercover police instead (of course, if they are any good at being undercover how in the hell will I find em?). Back to the hotel we march, more questions with front desk, specifically the time the owner of the htoel will arrive so we may conference regarding this. I am informed that the owner will be in in the AM and that we shall meet then. Fine.

    Over breakfast the following morning with the owner he was gracious and understanding and assured me that he had insurance for such things, although he also told me that he had never had a claim for theft so he was not sure of the procedure. I exlained that we would be gone the following day to Florence and provided the hotel number that we were staying and would he please forward any info to me. I also asked, and recieved, a copy of the insurance policy, and was also introduced to the undercover police ( I would never have found them), but a word to the wise, if in Rome you run into a well dressed young guy with big muscles that looks like he should be on the cover of a GQ magazine, he might just be the police, or a pickpocket, you never know. Much Italian was tossed around for my benefit, and an itemized list of the things missing recieved the ROMA POLIZIA stamp of approval, which was signed previously by the owner of the hotel. I had enough sense to generate a list and a value of each item stolen the night before on a laptop loaned to me by the 4 star $500 USD per night hotel.

    Off to FLorence we go, and the Factory tours looms large for me, however, absent my camera, I cannot record the fact that I was there. And I really, really was there, honest! Picked up a passenger on the way, a nice guy from New Zealand. So the Kiwi and I travel to Maranello for the tour, me all the while steaming that I cannot record this for my kids and (someday) grandkids, so I settled in on three disposable cameras bought in a small store outside the Ferrari factory gates. It is my hope that I have metntioned the Factory tour part enough to keep everyone interested in the story, because this is really off topic.

    Five months have passed, and after several emails and calls, I threatened the hotel owner with litigation if the issue of the replacment cost of my items was not addressed. The very next day (last Friday) I recieved the following email in Italian, that I need translated if possible. Yep, made you read this far just to get to the thread heading.

    So, if anyone out their wants to give it a go, let me know what this says. An online translator I used made a little sense, however the body of the letter seems to ask for reciepts ( I have em) pictures (they were on the friggin CAMERA THAT WAS STOLEN!!) and it seems to indicate that the insurance company believes that there may have not been a break in to the 4 star $500 USD per night room as there was no forced entry marks on the door. Are they accusing me of a setup? Is this typical Italian business methods, or do I really need an attorney? BTW, the value of the lost items is what I call 15 F-Car units, or rather $15,000 USD. Thanks for reading this far, any input from the ROMA F-chatters would be greatly appreciated.

    Egregio signor Powell,

    quali assicuratori per la R.C. dell’Hotel Cosmopolita, riscontriamo la richiesta di risarcimento da Lei avanzata nei confronti del ns. Assicurato relativa alla presunta sottrazione furtiva di tutta una serie di beni materiali ed intellettuali avvenuta n data 13 Luglio nella camera n. 316 da Lei occupata.

    Al riguardo, preliminarmente, Le rammentiamo che la denuncia di furto presentata alle Autorità (CC Regione Lazio, zona Venezia) ha un mero valore presuntivo sia in ordine all’effettivo accadimento che sui beni oggetto di sottrazione su cui l’Autorità Giudiziaria italiana è deputata ad indagare.

    In questa fase, stante anche il valore non certo indifferente dei beni che Lei afferma esserle stati sottratti, è opportuno che Lei innanzitutto ci dimostri la proprietà dei medesimi nonché il fatto che Lei ne era materialmente in possesso in occasione del Suo soggiorno presso l’Hotel Cosmopolita producendoci tutta la documentazione anche fotografica in Suo possesso.

    Comprenderà senz’altro che, in assenza di tracce di effrazione (forzatura della porta di accesso alla camera o dei mezzi di chiusura dei serramenti) ed in presenza di una mera denuncia sporta alle Autorità non ci è possibile accogliere, per sola opportunità, una richiesta risarcitoria peraltro assai rilevante.

    Non appena in possesso di quanto sopra, valutati gli elementi in ns. possesso, valuteremo se ed in quale misura formularLe un offerta di risarcimento.

    La salutiamo cordialmente augurandole anche buon Natale.

    S. Trapani

    Did I mention that I had a Factory tour on this trip? Just wanted to make clear that this is in fact a Ferrari topic, sort of ;-)

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  3. greyboxer

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    My Italian is not good bu this tranlates I think to

    "An offer of compensation"

    So maybe its not all bad
  4. morcal

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    First of all I feel sincerely sorry for what happened to you whilst in Rome, I apologize for this inconvenience. Some general advices : while travelling take always small precautions like hiding value items or give the stuff to the reception safe. Whatever happens to you in Italy ( theft, car accident, litigation with others) always call the 112 ( like 911 ) or the Carabinieri to have certified the happening and ask for a report copy.
    Normally a 4 **** Hotel management would have offered you to refund straightaway the items and claimed against their insurance or refund partially on the spot.On your specific case, you are requested to list and document the ownership of the stolen items ( pictures, invoices) in order to substantiate the claim. The facts that you have been not able to get the Police in the Hotel to verifyt the theft and also that there are no signs of breach on the door will make things not easy. Anyway the Hotel insurance let hope you might get a refund if enough elements are provided from you to support your refund request. Would be also wise to hire a lawyer to better dialogue with the insurance company. Check also for some insurance coverage you had associated with the travel ticket or payment you did with your card.
  5. kx5fast

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    Jul 4, 2005
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    Anyone else wanna take a shot?
  6. Z0RR0

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    Apr 11, 2004
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    My italian is a bit rusty, but they're asking you to provide them with proof of ownership of the allegedly stolen goods (note, "allegedly" is from them), any proof, including pictures (note - you didn't happen to take a picture of your computer and camera (don't ask me how you'd done that)in the room, did you?).
    They're saying that considering the door wasn't forced (no ****! the cleaning lady took your stuff!), they can't do anything with only a report.
    They will only consider making you an offer to pay you back once you've given them as many ownership info as possible.

    Basically, they're telling you to go screw yourself.

    Honestly ... I wouldn't even bother, you did the biggest mistake ever by leaving a laptop and camera unattended ... you're in Italy, I'm betting it was gone within 5 minutes. It does suck, but that's how it goes.

    BTW, they also wish you a merry christmas.
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  8. southerncharm

    southerncharm Karting

    Dec 21, 2005
    Whenever I must leave valuables in a hotel room I make it a point of putting them in a locked suitcase, in the closet. If I have more than one piece of luggage the locked one goes on the bottom of the pile with the lock facing the wall and I cover the stuff with my dirty laundry. If it is the first stop of the trip, I pile my clean clothing on top in a mess to make it appear as dirty laudry, which pisses my wife off to no end. So far I've been ok, I began this charade after I had a CD player stolen from my night stand in a five star hotel.
  9. Ciao Bello 348

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    Oct 3, 2005
    The Garden State, US
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    John C
    Do a yahoo search: ALTAVISTA BABBELFISH

    Should be the first site that comes up. Will translate just about any language. You can cut and paste or give it a URL address and it will translate to language of your choice.

    Its a great site. I use it quite often.
  10. Ciao Bello 348

    Ciao Bello 348 Formula 3

    Oct 3, 2005
    The Garden State, US
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    John C
    Dear Mr. Powell, which insurers for the R.C. of the Cosmopolita Hotel, we find the demand for compensation from She advanced in the comparisons of ns. the Insured person relative to the presumed furtive removal of all one series of 13 material and intellectual assets happened n given July in the room n. 316 from occupied She. With regard to, preliminarily, we remind that to the denunciation of theft introduced to the Authorities (CC Lazio Region to Them, Venice zone) has a mere presumptive value is in order to the effective accadimento that on the assets removal object on which the Italian Judicial authority she is deputy to inquire. In this phase, being also the indifferent not sure value of the assets that It asserts them is embezzled, it is opportune that It in the first place demonstrates the property to us of same let alone the fact that It of was materially in possession in occasion of Its stay near the Cosmopolita Hotel producing to us all the photographic documentation also in Its possession. It will comprise senz' other that, in absence of effrazione traces (forzatura of the door of access to the room or of means of closing of the lockings) and in presence of a mere denunciation sporta to the Authorities not is possible to receive, for single opportunity, one demanded risarcitoria moreover much important. Not hardly in possession of how much over, estimated the elements in ns. possession, we will estimate if and in which measure formularLe a compensation offer. We greet cordial auguring them also good NATO them.

    Amazing site!
  11. jonathan70

    jonathan70 Rookie

    Feb 25, 2005
    Not really a "good" translation, but I hope this helps... the site also offers professional translations.

    Distinguished signor Powell,

    That insurance for the R. C. of the Cosmopolitan hotel, we verify the request of compensation from You advanced towards the ns. Ensured relevant to the alleged furtive subtraction of everything a material series of assets and intellectual n happened given 13 July in the room n. 316 from You occupied.

    To the care, preliminary, we recall Them that the denunciation of theft presented to the Authority (CC Region Lazio, zone Venice) has a mere value presuntivo is in order to the real event that on the subtraction of object assets on that the Italian authority Legal is deputy to investigate.

    In this phase, being also the value not indifferent certainty of the assets that You affirms to be the states subtracted, is timely that You above all you show us the property of the same as well as the fact that You was of it financially in possession in occasion of its stay I press the Cosmopolitan hotel all producendoci the also photographic documentation in Its possession.

    It will include senz' other that, in burglary of tracks of absence (forcing of the door of access to the room or of the means of closing of the frames) and in presence of a mere denunciation shopping bag to the Authority there is not possible to welcome, for alone opportunity, a request risarcitoria moreover much pointing out.

    Not just in possession of how much above, appraised the elements in ns. possession, we will appraise if and in what measure to express them an offer of compensation.

    We greet it cordially also good augurandole Christmas.
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