New 1947-2007 Anniversary Book from Ferrari

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    Looks like a great 2-volume set.... Very nicely presented.
    although they are atrocious at reprinting the same info in a different format... i wonder how much is "cut and pasted" from the 1947-1997 book they published...

    text from site:

    "The prestigious Ferrari 1947 -2007 encyclopaedia is a tome that no Ferrari enthusiast will want to do without. Comprising two volumes, it tells the Ferrari story in meticulous detail in a total of 1,200 pages and 2,000 colour and black and white photographs. Prepared by Ferrari in collaboration with the RCS publishing group, the encyclopaedia pays homage to 60 years of fantastic victories by our great drivers as well, of course, as the stunning GTs built at Maranello between 1947 and the present.

    This imposing two-volume set includes a host of previously-unpublished material from the Ferrari Archive as well as official technical specifications for every track and road car built by the Prancing Horse. Italian/English text.

    The volumes come in a red presentation case sporting the Prancing Horse logo."

    166.67 Euro

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    Look nice - look as a must have.
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    Thanks for this post!!!

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