New 2018 White Ghibli GranSport

Discussion in 'Maserati' started by MaseratiDoc, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. FerrariChat Miami - Earlybird $ ENDS August 24th at 5pm. Everything with the event is confirmed and all deposits paid. We already have a double digit number of cars entered including 430 to 488's and 599 to 812's sprinkling in some Californias and classics like 328's. Yes, we have Lamborghinis and McLarens too. We're staying at the Ritz Carlton - Key Biscayne on the beach with events at Homestead Race Track, Miami Design District, The Deck, and Curtiss Mansion.
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    Mar 26, 2017
  2. dcmetro

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    Nice car, but wrong section
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    Rob Manchester
    I take it you like extra window tint? Is it more than just a "looks" thing?
  4. MaseratiDoc

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    Mar 26, 2017
    It makes it harder for cops to see me at night.

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