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    Available to order now from TAURINO Racing are these new Ferrari SABELT seats. They are designed to offer greater lateral helmet protection in the event of a collision and can now be ordered from us.

    PRICE: $3,900.00 + shipping​

    This new seat will fit the Ferrari 458, 430 and 360 and they are interchangeable with the seats currently in your vehicle.

    They are installed by simply replacing the mounting brackets, while keeping the original rails.

    The relative part numbers and the sizes available are listed as follows:
    p/n 70003006 SIZE M
    p/n 70003007 SIZE L
    p/n 70003008 SIZE XL
    p/n 70003009 SIZE XXL

    Seats ordered using the part numbers listed above will be delivered complete with the necessary mounting brackets;

    Please note that those seats will ship within 4 to 5 weeks from the time your order is placed;

    This seat is only available in black.

    This seat may be used in the official 458 Challenge championships together with the original seat, no other type of seats is admitted in the official events.


    Find below the technical details and illustrating features of the seat.

    It is a new entry, the new seats with mixed carbon and fiberglass shell, molded in RTM . A new generation of seats with futuristic shell, for weight and endurance. The fiberglass shell is completed by a structural application rib, rigid and lightweight, designed to get the most stressed points. The double shoulder belt slot for harnesses regulation, the cooling ventilation holes integrated in backrest, the shape and the lateral support, are the summary of an excellent technical work, unique and exclusive.

    The seats and their technology are today Sabelt’s primary task of excellence,
    which began for the races and today is overt also for road super sport cars.
    In both cases it was the choice of quality materials with high performances that
    has led to much success, amplified by the lightness of the components. For those
    reasons we became specialists in the use and application of carbon fiber, the only
    material that holds the features to achieve these goals.

    Head restraint was initially designed to avoid the body to hit the inner hard part of the cabin in case of rollover and partial driver ejection from the window. Today the head restraint can be considered a protection from the side impacts thanks to the stiffness of the structure. HCF (hybrid carbon frame) improves sensibly the stiffness and rigidity of the shell, improving safety as well.

    This is an absolute novelty in the field of competitions that requires significant investments and grants the complete process stability and systematic control of shell technical values:
    - Constant thickness and uniform application of the resin which results in a stable behavior to impacts in all seats areas.
    - Accurate and defined thickness at strategical points helps reduce the overall weight while maximizing stiffness.
    - High gloss finishes on both sides of the shell (can be used without cover for wider range of track uses).
    Feel free to contact us if your wish to order or have any questions about this product.
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    Great seats, but to install them in a 458 Italia or Spider equipped with oem electric seats will require additional modifications: it would be great if you specified these.

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    Do they not block side vision should you install them in a 458 Italia/Spider/Spec?
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    Yes, but these are racing seats for Challenge racing cars, not road cars, hence the post in the Challenge cars section
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    What sabelt seats do you have available for 458?


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