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    So I just got back from the New York Auto Show. I could not wait to get there to see the new 430 Scuderia which I assumed would be on display. Well, much to my surprise, Ferrari did not even have a booth! They simply had 1 black 430 on a turntable. No markings, no nothing. What gives? All of Ferrari's competitors were there, but no Ferrari. This was the booth at Ferrari.....
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    Dear Editor,

    Your surprise in finding the Ferrari F430 displayed at the New York Autoshow
    was at least as big as ours. Indeed, Ferrari and Ferrari North America are not
    participating to the 2008 edition of the New York Auto Show.
    The Ferrari vehicle displayed at the show is therefore not part of the Ferrari
    Marketing fleet, nor was Ferrari informed that such vehicle would be displayed
    at the Autoshow.

    As you have pointed out, this display is not representing the standards of our
    Company and our past stands at International Autoshows.

    Thank you for your consideration and
    All the Best
    Ferrari North America.

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