Not even Wurtz wants USF1

Discussion in 'F1' started by TheMayor, Nov 27, 2009.

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    Hmmmmmm.... An F-1 driver turns DOWN more money to run in F1??? That's news to me.


    Alex Wurz on Friday announced that he will not be making an F1 return with the new USF1 team.

    Earlier this year, the Austrian driver as well as USF1's sporting director Peter Windsor confirmed they were in contact regarding a possible collaboration for the new American team's debut season.

    "There were discussions with USF1, but now I draw a line under the matter," Wurz told "My priority is the Peugeot factory team - I'm going to contest the 24 hours of Le Mans and other (sports car) races."

    Wurz denies that his pulling out of the running with USF1 has anything to do with the intense rumours suggesting the Charlotte based team is ill-equipped to see through its F1 foray.

    "No, it is a decision of the heart," said Wurz. "I could earn more money in Formula One, and I am convinced that USF1 will succeed in bringing American technology and American thinking into Formula One.

    “Even people like Chip Ganassi are convinced that USF1 will be there.”
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    I'm sure the other teams' catering services will be delighted to get their hands on an original USF1 toaster. Made with strong US carbon fibre.
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    Glad to see Alex staying with Pug!


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