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Discussion in 'California/Portofino/Roma' started by Lucien Barandun, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Lucien Barandun

    Oct 19, 2018
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    Lucien Barandun
    Hello there

    I’m new here and just wanted to ask you what you think about the spec we ordered on our portofino... I’m not 100% sure because i’ve never seen a Portofino with this spec:

    -Rosso Corsa exterior and brake calipers
    -Carbon Driver zone with LED steering wheel + leather terra bruciata
    -Terra bruciata interior
    -carpet and ceiling nero
    -stitching grigio scuro
    -forged diamond rims
    -cavallino on headrest yellow
    -rev counter yellow

    That’s pretty much it.. what do you think abou it? Thanks☝️
  2. azlin75

    azlin75 Formula Junior

    Jul 16, 2017
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    Shawn Hicks
    I’m not sure what part of your spec you are concerned about but there appear to be a few schools of thought on specing a new Ferrari. The guys that spec with resale in mind and those that spec what they want. For me I’d tick whatever boxes I wanted in the vehicle, as I’d not worry too much about resale I’d simply want to feel good about the car I spec.

    Personally on the spec you mentioned I’d probably go with yellow calipers since I think yellow makes a really nice contrast with the red exterior. I can’t recall the color you mentioned for the interior but have learned over the years that darker colors of leather are a bit easier to maintain and show less “dirt”. And I didn’t see it on the list but i also like the fender shields.
  3. ScottS

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    Mar 2, 2004
    Winter Park
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    Scott S
    I love the terra-cotta interior however I’m not sure there’s enough contrast between the red exterior and a subtle interior shade. If you’re concerned about resale at all, the off colors are harder and command less. If you doubt me look at the 488 and 458is for sale with Red, Bordeaux, and funky 2 tone interiors.
    It is a beautiful spec as Azlin 75 s says the only thing is how you like it, driving, enjoy it, and when you’re done pass along to someone else

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  4. CT Audi Fan

    CT Audi Fan Formula Junior

    Oct 23, 2011
    Hard to envision the Grigio stitching on the terra. Maybe Cuoio? Or Nero stitching on the terra and terra stitching on the Nero surfaces. Either way I don’t think your spec would be a resale challenge it’s very classy. Congrats.

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