Ode to the Boxer

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    May 27, 2004
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    Last wednesday my young nephew begged a BBI ride. We went out midday, it was maybe 82 out and as long as the boxer was rolling we were fine. But midday traffic was what it is, we were moving but the cars were in thick clusters, so no fun in aBBI.

    Then I went for a different road and suddenly we were in stop go as the road went from two to one lane due to road work. We had maybe 2 miles of stop go. The BBi handles it just fine, as they do, but the passengers, man were we hot and uncomfortable. Not to mention the fear of the inattentive suv driver behind on their phone not hitting their brakes. Up the road in front was new vette, and I imagined them windows up ac blasting stero on, in complete confort waiting for the traffic to clear.

    Once the traffic cleared and we looped back it was epic, beautiful 80-100 sweepers and tighter bends, playing the motor chasiis and wheel, full enaggement, the machine being an extension of the driver. Theres not a vette or any modern than can do that, theyre just to isolated, and cursed with excess ability below which youre isolated.

    To me the BB is a car built for an era that no longer exists. The open country road or twisty parkway/highway. Traffic free where you can really work the car on the road. The Bb is a glorious anachronism, if you can get it on the right road at the righ moment its simply is sublime, outside of thse conditions, well it will cope just fine, youll suffer though.
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    I can relate. Stuck for 45 mins in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Although I could have put on the AC, I did not. Once over the Whitestone bridge I was able to cool off. Image Unavailable, Please Login
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    Jan 28, 2004
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    Agreed, I decided to spend my August break in Europe rather than come for my customary summer trip to Toronto. While I love my BB and CT which are stored in Toronto, the thought of idling through 401 / 400 construction for hours in either (or getting tapped by a SUV) has less appeal. Great, twisty, empty open roads still exist in the world (am tapping this out over cappuccino from the top of the Raticosa pass in Tuscany - greetings).
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    Don Bartz
    Agreed about the in the Colon of the U.S., Florida, the drivers are the worst. And taking the car out is a challenge in situational awareness and defensive driving!
  5. John B

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    May 27, 2003
    I've had a lot of exotic cars and honestly, the BB is probably my favorite of all.

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