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Discussion in 'Other Parts & Collectibles' started by Bruin, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Bruin

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    Oct 31, 2016
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    Bruin R.
    Hello F-Chat,

    I've been seriously into watches for a few years now, but haven't yet made a purchase. With my small business now bringing in some discretionary funds, I figure it's time. I am looking for the following watches:

    Omega Speedmaster Professional "Moonwatch," ref. 3570.50
    Tudor Black Bay Red or Black on bracelet with the ETA movement, ref. 79220
    Rolex ref. 14060, or ref. 16610 submariner
    Rolex Explorer II ref. 16570 (Polar dial)

    I am primarily interested in watches that come with box and papers, and i've been following the market closely so i'm not interested in some of the optimistic pricing i see on rolex forums and the like. I'm located in Virginia, willing to meet face to face with cash, also willing to do a wire transfer/ shipping deal.

    Let me know what's out there!

  2. Gh21631

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    Feb 24, 2011

    Try Vienna Jewelers, go see Dave Sackadorf they have some great deals on new and used watches. Might be a hike for you so give him a call.
  3. jimpo1

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    Jim E
    I think Darth was selling new Tudor Black Bays in the classifieds a while back, do a search....
  4. arizonaitalian

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    Oct 29, 2010
    I have a 216570 Polar White face that I bought from an Authorized Dealer in April 2017 and haven't worn since the first day. PM me if interested. I have the box and papers etc.
  5. pyth

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    Oct 17, 2016
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    Thinking of getting a 14060 as well. Love the simplicity & symmetry of the two-line. Not really into the four liner.

    Best of luck with your search.
  6. sasso1977

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    Apr 8, 2013
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    i have three of the watches you listed. all really solid choices.
    try good pricing and easy to deal with, solid guys. i have bought a few pieces from them.
    the last one being the speedmaster NASA watch. good luck

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