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Discussion in 'South Central - USA (TN, MS, AL, GA)' started by sicilian, Mar 3, 2004.

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  1. sicilian

    sicilian Rookie

    Nov 17, 2003
    I've seen several Ferraris at the track that have the protective tape on the front to avoid paint chips. My question is what is the tape actually called and is there anywhere in the Birmingham area to get it?
  2. Mike C

    Mike C F1 Veteran
    Lifetime Rossa Owner

    Aug 3, 2002
    Southeast USA
    Full Name:
    Mike Charness
    That's "racing tape" but I don't know where you can get it locally. However, as an alternative, get "painters tape" which is a low-tack type of masking tape; it usually comes in blue or purple color and a variety of widths. It works fine, and you can get it at Lowes, Home Depot, or even at Wal-Mart.

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