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Discussion in 'Florida' started by ross, Feb 10, 2019.

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    I think I read they are now selling Grey Poupon shakes,
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    I hate to say it but I daily drive my Wraith and if my kid wants ice cream, McDonalds, or Chuck e Cheese we go in the RR. I also grab drivethru on the way home from nights out with the boys. On more than one occasion I’ve had workers ask why I’m eating that... as-if having these cars somehow eliminates your desire for fast food!
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    Matt F
    When in Naples, my son and I play Punch Bentley.

    The rules are the same as Punch Beetle from the 1970s. The first person to spot a Bentley (Or a VW Bug) and call it gets to punch the person next to him, and you get two punches for a convertible.

    So Bentleys are now as common in Naples as Beetles were in the whole USA in the 1970s!


  5. ross

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    thats funny! my son and i play a similar game - spot the bentayga. in houston its about 3 times a week. in naples the record is now 6 in 30 minutes......
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  6. PA Wolfpacker

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    We had a car show at our development in Naples last year. One of the residents let us show his Phantom. I drove the car to the staging area and parked it in the designated spot. That car is so big, felt like driving a school bus.
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    When I was in Palm Beach, I was in awe at what was parked in the Publix supermarket.
    I guess all in the normality of things.
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