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  1. usmcfred

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    Jul 28, 2009
    Dover, MA
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    Fred Hammerle
    I was wondering if anyone knows the origin of the name "Elena" for the Ferrari Coupe so designated.

    Thanks and regards, Fred
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    Ellena was Boano's partner and built the last 50 or so Boano 250GT cars under his name.
  4. 8valve

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    Sep 3, 2003
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    Mick A.
    Boano and Ellena were coachbuilders. Here's a copy/paste from a website:

    Boano & Ellena
    Felice Mario Boano, son Gian Paolo and Luciano Pollo established their coachbuilding company 'Carrozzeria Boano' in Grugliasco in 1954 after Mario had left Carrozzeria Ghia in 1953. Mario Boano and Giorgio Alberti had bought the Carrozzeria Ghia ten years earlier when their friend Giacinto Ghia died (1944).

    Boano started building coachworks on Alfa Romeo chassis, but soon moved to other brands like Abarth and Ferrari. Boano sold many cars to famous people like Henry Ford Jr. and President Peron of Argentina.

    The first Boano-bodied Ferrari was a one-off 250 GT cabriolet in 1956 and after they built 63 examples of their Ferrari 250 GT Coupe between '56 and '57, of which the design very much resembled the Pininfarina 250 GT Europa prototypes.

    In 1957 Mario Boano had the opportunity to set up and run the Fiat styling center, so he slowly wound down production and closed his firm. He passed the work to a key employee and son-in-law, Ezio Ellena, and his former partner Luciano Pollo. The new company's name became 'Carrozzeria Ellena'. Ellena continued production of the Boano Ferrari 250 GT.

    The 63 Boano-built 250 GTs were characterized by their low roof line. The Ferrari 250 GT 'Ellena' series were characterized by their high-roof line, except for the first eight with serial numbers 0679 to 0697. These continued on Boano's low roofline with vent windows.

    Carrozzeria Ellena closed its doors in 1966.
  5. usmcfred

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    Jul 28, 2009
    Dover, MA
    Full Name:
    Fred Hammerle
    Thank you for the comprehensive replies.


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