Original List Prices: Echoes from the Past

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    I came across the data below that has echoes of earlier troubled economic times and the recovery thereafter.

    In 1970 UK car sales tax was cut dramatically to assist the car industry in the first oil crisis (hence the 11% fall in price of a Dino between 1969 and 1971).

    The high oil price dramatically reduced demand for cars that were thirsty and Ferrari (UK) responded with a reduction in price for a GT (But not GTS) between 1971 and 1972 of just over 1.0%.

    The GTS was 7-8% more expensive than a GT in each year.

    Whereas the Dino launched at 70% of the price of a Daytona, by 1971 a Dino cost only 55% of the cost of a Daytona.
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