Osca 1600 GT Zagato front Windshield

Discussion in 'Other Italian' started by Dr. K., Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Dr. K.

    Dr. K. Karting

    Mar 23, 2011
    Helo all,

    a friend in Switzerland is currently restoring a Osca 1600 GT Zagato.

    During assembly the front windscreen broke and he needs a new one.

    If there is anybody, who has one, please let me know.

    Otherwise he is thinking of remanufacture these, if some owners would also be interested.

    Best greetings
    Dr. K.
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  3. Spyder-Man

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    May 11, 2004
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    Does he still have the old windscreen? If so there must be a windscreen shop who can use the old windscreen as a template to cut a new one. From an existing modern screen that has the same curveture and thickness. Seen this done on the Wheeler Dealer TV program when they could not find an original.
  4. Dr. K.

    Dr. K. Karting

    Mar 23, 2011
    Hello all,

    recent update ref. the front windscreen.

    After my friend could not find a sample he found a company, which scanned the profile of the car and then produced new ones.

    So, if someone needs a new front windscreen, let me know.

    Best Greetings
    Dr. K.

    He also has many leftover parts from earlier restorations for an OSCA MT4.

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