OT: MA Jury Duty - can i bring my laptop?

Discussion in 'New England' started by Doody, May 20, 2006.

  1. Doody

    Doody F1 Veteran

    Nov 16, 2001
    MA USA
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    Mr. Doody
    i have finally been called for jury duty. my first time, which is statistically surprising given my age.

    they sent me all this crapola (183 pages on how to get your $50 a day - gimme a ****ing break) but nothing discusses what i can bring in to the courthouse.

    specifically, i need to know if i can bring my laptop with me.

    anybody know what the score is on this stuff? having never served before, and in the absence of them sharing, i'm clueless.

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  3. Texas Forever

    Texas Forever Four Time F1 World Champ
    Rossa Subscribed

    Apr 28, 2003
    Dude, I can't say in Massachusetts; but if it is anything like Texas, it is normally up to the Judges. The one thing that is a real no-no is a cell phone.

    But based on my experience as an expert witness, bring it anyway. If you get caught, they'll just tell you to turn it off. But bring a note pad and a really thick book. For a non-lawyer, being in a courtroom is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

    Odds are, however, that you will not get picked. Lawyers generally don't like professional guys. Too complicated.


  4. Birdman

    Birdman F1 Veteran

    Jun 20, 2003
    North shore, MA
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    THE Birdman
    I've been called twice and never selected to serve either time. I always bring reading material because you sit around bored for half the day.

  5. carmaster

    carmaster Karting

    Jan 13, 2004
    Boston/ Portland
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    I was at Suffolk Superior the other day for jury duty and there were people there with lap tops. In fact there was a woman crocheting in the jury box. She ended up getting spoken to by the court officer.
  6. Papa G

    Papa G Formula 3

    Dec 29, 2003
    The time I was called (2004), there was a gentleman with his laptop.
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  8. G-Car-Man

    G-Car-Man Karting

    Nov 21, 2003
    South of Boston
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    Greg K
    What court will you be in? A lot of times if it is a smaller court system you can call the court the day before to see if you even have to appear; Salem court is like that as is Tauntons court... I also found that if you postpone it to around a holiday (day before thanksgiving) you have a better chance of not having to serve... Now if you WANT to serve it is a PITA; as in you just sit around all day waiting to be called or seeing if a new trial is going to be held. You can probably use your laptop while you wait for a few hours to be picked but then you'll probably have to bag it...
  9. Bad Chariot

    Bad Chariot Karting

    Dec 6, 2003
    Reading, MA
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    My girlfriend served on a jury as an alternate for 6 weeks. They allowed them to bring portable DVD players in, I don't see why they would have a problem with a laptop.

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