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    To chase greatness, some might argue you cant compromise. We wanted to do something great, so upon ordering our Ferrari 812 Superfast, we knew we had to do something epic, and anything short of that would not suffice. Once again the Novitec N-Largo program was the choice, and being that we already have done 3 N-Largo Mclaren 720S projects this year, it was only fitting right?

    This is our second Ferrari N-Largo project, but it would be the greatest yet! We ordered our 2019 Ferrari 812 N-Largo from our friends at Ferrari of Newport Beach in Bianco Avus and a beautiful Rosso leatherwork with all the perfect amount of carbon inside as a perfect donor and went straight to work.

    Upon receiving our 3 crates of goodies from Germany we got to work. First, we test fitted the complete front end to make sure the panels and gaps were such as factory. Then we prepped the exterior and aero parts for paint and installation. This was a tedious process that we took our time with to ensure the paint matching and finish were of Maranello standards. While this was done we installed the performance aspects of the Novitec project. Novitec's valved exhaust and X-pipe were installed to present to the audience the V12 symphony that Ferrari is known for. We also installed the Novitec Switchtronic Exhaust Valve Controller to control the exhaust vavles. This is a must on almost all our builds, especially Ferrari builds. The exhaust note was just beautiful. The perfect combination of 90’s V12 and classy modern burbles without being obnoxious.

    Next we test fitted, painted, then fitted the entire aero portion of a N-Largo conversion. This included new front bumpers, front fenders, side skirts, rear quarter panels, and rear bumper. Along with Novitec Carbon fiber goodies to compliment all of these new pieces. Only the doors, hood and roof are untouched from the factory 812 Superfast. Roughly 14 centimeters is added in overall width with this conversion and houses the 21x10 and 22x12.5 Novitec NF10NL Wheels made specifically for this vehicle by Vossen wheels. And as always covered in Pirelli Pzero tires.

    To help this massive set up cuddle with the new bodywork the Novitec Sport Springs are called to the task.

    This car performances and sounds as stunning as it looks! And it is for sale! If you are interested contact us! All 18 kits are accounted for, so this is one of the rare chances you will get to own one of these. If you are interested in any of the parts for your 812, we have covered as well.

    2019 Ferrari 812 N-Largo

    -Novitec 812 N-Largo Widebody Package Including

    -Front Fenders

    -Front Bumper

    -Rear Bumper

    -Side Skirts

    -Rear Bumper

    -Rear Quarter Panels

    -Novitec Carbon Upgrade for N-Largo

    -Novitec NF10NL Wheels in 21" Front 22" Rear finished in Gloss Black

    -Pirelli PZero 275/30/21 and 335/25/22 Rear Tires

    -Novitec Carbon Insert For Air Outlet for Hood (N-Largo)

    -Novitec Carbon Covers For Mirrors

    -Novitec Carbon Air Guide Sidewall (N-Largo)

    -Novitec Carbon Cover For Trunk Lid and Tail Lights (N-Largo)

    -Novitec Carbon Rear Wing

    -Novitec Sport Spring Set

    -Novitec Power Optimized Exhaust with Flap Regulation

    -Novitec X-Pipe for Exhaust

    -Novitec Switchtronic Exhaust Valve Controller

    -Novitec Black Exhaust Tips for N-Largo Bumper

    -XPEL Clear Bra Paint Protection










    If you have any questions feel free to contact us HERE
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    Each to their own...
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    My fav is the Lusso 12 Novi!
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    We loved that one too! Sounds so great!
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