Performance Chips -- Again?

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by shawsan, Sep 2, 2004.

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    As many of you probably know, BMW owners seek out a performance chips like gazelles in search of water -- for example, chips made by Dinan, Jim Conforti or Racing Dynamics. Thus, I have one in my M5.

    As a 355 Newbie, however, I've not seen any discussion on performance chips, and therefore presume they don't exist. Yet, I just read a (bogus?) claim by a 355 owner that he had a Racing Dynamics chip in his car. Checked Racing Dynamics but they seem devoted only to BMW.

    Am I to presume that with it's 3 intake and 2 exhaust values and high compression ratio of 11:1 that the 355 has been so exquisitely tuned that nothing more can meaningfully be squeaked out.

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    Do some searching.... You will find threads on the topic. I have read that there are mod chips but most don't see an increase in HP worth anything. Most people are moding the exhaust. Also, there are a couple of new threads about a twin turbo that a few of us are keeping our eyes on.

    Congrats on the 355

    I drove mine to dinner tonight... a great drive

    Also, fill out your profile... you'll get more help
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