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Discussion in 'Maserati' started by 66Sebring, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. 66Sebring

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    Dec 20, 2017
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    William H Taylor
    I'm in the process of putting back together a black 66 with tan interior. The interior was bastardized with LOTS of nalgahyde and the leather seats actually covered with bright blue velvet crap. Would someone with a 66 Sebring, with what they thing is as close to original interior as possible, be willing to provide me with as many photos as possible so I can start cobbling the interior back together. I'll even provide the memory sticks and return postage.

    S/N 101/10/0145
  2. fidjeland

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    Aug 6, 2013
    Stockholm, Sweden
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    Jan Fidjeland
    Hi Bill,
    I own a 1966 black with senape interior.
    Let me know if pictures of my car would help you.
    Keep in mind that specs and details varied somewhat during production.
    Check out the Sebring group on FB if your interested.
    The VIN of your car would be interesting for us to know.
    Kind regard,
    J. Fidjeland

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