Please contribute to list of Ferrari mechanics in US...

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by Brian C. Stradale, Nov 30, 2003.

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    In AZ our dealer (Scottsdale Ferrari) are essentially incompetent and are crooks.

    However, I have found a certified Ferrari mechanic with extensive experience with the road cars as well as the race cars. He has spent time running Challenge Teams where he has consistently put together the fastest cars.

    He is independent now and everyone in AZ (and outside the area) would do well to send him their work.

    His name is Alex Traverso, and his number is 480-241-8877. He is in Scottsdale. He has always done a great job for me and anyone that I have sent to him.


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    I carry one phone number no matter where I go in my Ferrari - (206) 329-7070. Tino and the rest of the gang at Ferrari of Seattle have come through for me and my friends too many times to count. No matter where we are, we know we can call Tino, or anyone else at FofS and get it fixed.

    There's nothing quite as good as making a solid connection with your local dealer. If they can't fix it, they know someone near wherever you are who can.

    A couple examples:

    Three years ago, in Dana Point, CA, three days before my 95 456GT was supposed to be in the main display at Concorso Italiano in Monterey, the passenger side window decided to self destruct. I called Tino. He made a few calls (this is at 4PM, PST, Tuesday afternoon). within minutes I got a call from the service manager at Ferrari of Orange County telling me the glass is being FedExed out the next day from New Jersey, and an appt is made for me to bring the car in the next day to get it fixed, By Thursday am, I'm on the road again to Monterey, my car is on the main display.

    Last year, a friends 355 had battery/alternator failure in the middle of Oregon (once again, on our way to Monterey). A call to Tino (at 6PM, on a Saturday night) got a flat bed out to the middle of nowhere, Oregon by midnight, the car to Seattle by Monday, and the repaired 355 back to Palo Alto on a transporter by Weds eveing. At no cost to the owner, I might add.

    Make a relationship with your local dealer, treat them as a human being, and find out what support really is.

    I'm sure there are great mechanics out there, including Carlo at Alfa of Tacoma, and I'm sure I'd be happy to take my car to any of them in a pinch. But I'm more sure that wherever I go, my friends at my dealership will help me no matter where I am, or what time of day I call.
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    Wow! At least there's one dealer that knows what Ferrari-level of customer service should be!

    Unfortunately Eric, not all dealers were created equal! Some are great; some are acceptable; some are tolerable; some are crooks.

    We need a polling alternative that would let us rate each dealer that we have experience with.
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    From what I've seen, in North Carolina the answer is:

    Sport Auto
    7405 Summerfield Road
    Summerfield, NC 27358
    (336) 643 9595

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    Chris F
  6. Caruso360

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    May 1, 2003
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    Dave Helms
    formerly of FoDenver and TVM now at his own establishment:
    Scuderia Rampante
    1780 55th St. Suite B6
    Boulder, Colorado 80301
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    PJ Z
    These are untested but recommended from other fchat folks when I asked the question.

    Graham Willie
    Specialty Cars LLC
    1950 116th Ave NE
    Bellevue,WA 98004

    Gerber Motorsports
    (near Seattle FishMarket)
    Denny came from FoS
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    Bob Lebenson
    I didn't spot any answers to your questions about Italy Service in LV, so here is the info:

    Italy Service, Inc.
    2407 South Highland (that's quite near the Sahara and Palace Station hotels)
    Las Vegas 89102
    Owner: Oscar Polodoro
    Chief Mechanic: John Phegley
  9. paulie_b

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    Paul Bianco
    For New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts:
    Bertoochi (posts on FChat) email is
    The Best........many references. Please mention my post.
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    Jim Pernikoff
    I don't think I've seen an entry for the Atlanta area:

    Ron Reineke
    Flashback Motorworks, LLC
    2250 Pendley Road
    Cumming, GA 30041

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