PPI Results for E487 MWP Ferrari Testarossa sharing to help any buyers

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    PPI Results for E487 MWP Ferrari Testarossa sharing to help any buyers
    Red over Crema, red carpets, black dash Testarossa

    I have been hunting for a Testarossa for the past few months and walked away from one because it needed work. The owner didn't think was necessary to have a PPI done but I did anyway, glad I did! Seller also failed to mention (until the PPI had been completed) that the car had a 10 year gap in its history.

    All invoices to back up KM milage, although no service book. Here is the PPI for anyone to read, hope it helps you. I paid for the PPI so may as well share and get it's value used by someone other than me.

    It was a 20 year+ experienced Ferrari tech who did it. Very thorough. Would very much recommend him, he was absolutely integral to me getting the best car which I did in the end (not the one on this PPI). PM me and I'll share the Ferrari Tech contact details.

    I ended up with a superb car from Foskers. Jeff Fosker was superb too. Great guys at Foskers! Feel free to ask any questions, I'll help where I can.

    PPI done on Ferrari Testarossa Registration Plate: E487 MWP

    Please see below the report for the Ferrari Testarossa.
    Ferrari Testarossa. UK vehicle with Km speedo head unit, originally intended for import to New Zealand.
    Reg number. E487 MWP
    Engine number.
    Vin Number. ZFFAA17C000077054
    GearBox number.
    Mileage. 34832 Kms
    Reg Date. 09/06/1988
    Inspection date 14/04/2020

    Interior & Bodywork

    - Book pack and service book missing. Service history is with vehicle but via invoices only and has a large gap in between servicing Years 2001-2011??
    - Toolkit missing, new jack kit has been ordered by current owner.
    - x 2 keys supplied with vehicle, 1 original key and 1 after market key.
    - passenger seat belt badly twisted and frayed slightly.
    - Passenger side inner window trim in poor condition.
    - Slight wear marks on drivers seat bolster.
    - Both passenger and drivers windows slow and lazy in operation.
    - Slight discolouration on top section of dashboard and some rippling in the leather.
    - Original Goodyear tyre sticker in glove box.
    - Drivers side speaker panel loose and insecure.
    - Stereo powers on but was unable to hear any sound.
    - Overall condition of interior is good. A few marks and signs of wear as I would expect to to see on a 32 year old vehicle.
    - Slight play in both seat back mechanisms.
    - Air conditioning blows cold but would benefit from a re-gas.
    - Front luggage lid gas struts unserviceable and require replacing. they don’t support lid.
    - Rear engine lid gas struts weak and require replacing.
    - Visually inspected front fuse board for condition, It looks ok and didn’t see any signs of burning out when inspected. Common fault.
    - Tyres are dated Year 2000, They’re hard and starting to crack in places.
    - Paint peeling off both front alloy wheel rims and a small chip on LHR alloy wheel.
    - 1 x wheel bolt rusty on RHR wheel.
    - Small pot dent on LHR wing near passenger door grills.
    - Both front doors have been painted .
    - Front bumper has been repaired and painted due to what looks like stone chips.
    - Both front wings have been painted.
    - 2 x self tapping screws missing from bottom edge of front bumper and LHF inner wheel arch panel has some fixings missing as well.
    - Windscreen seal on bottom RH corner is loose and insecure.

    - Handbrake shoes binding when handbrake lever released.
    - Both front brake callipers sticking after brief drive, suspect lack of use has led to partial seizure?
    - Would recommend all four brake pipe flexible hoses are replaced on next major service due to age & corrosion around feral unions.
    - Surface rust on all 6 suspension springs, I’ve advised this as they are prone to snapping. Rear suspension has 4 shock absorbers.
    - All front/rear upper and lower suspension wishbone bushes split and perished, Please note! These are not urgent as the vehicle has recently passed it’s MOT.
    ( No play in any of the bushes but the rubber sections of the bushes have deteriorated over time hence why I’m flagging this )
    - Cam belt cover plastic back plates cracked and in poor condition.
    - Oil leak from rear section of gearbox. Not excessive.
    - Oil leaking via cam cover seals towards front and rear of cylinder heads.
    - There is a heavy oil leak around the oil drain off pipe on the left bank cylinder head cam cover area, this has leaked over the front left engine mount and I would highly recommend this is investigated and rectified asap.
    - Vehicle is due a belt service this year.
    This Vehicle has had belt changes 1994, 1997, 2001 ( gap in servicing ?) 2011, 2014 & 2017. due now
    Clutch last replaced 2001 @23979kms
    Overall the vehicle is a nice example but needs some attention in certain areas however the gap in servicing and the lack of service book is a concern.
    I hope this gives you all the information you need, Any concerns or questions please feel free to call me
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    Jul 10, 2019
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