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Discussion in '206/246' started by champtc, Mar 28, 2009.

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    Hi Jon-
    I am in the middle of taking my '71 246 gt (euro) apart. You have inspired me! The car is completely disassembled and I am waiting to have the paint stripped etc for the long road back to being restored. I am in no hurry, I have spent a ton of time looking through your wonderfully built website and I have tried to not be repetitive with questions that you may have already answered. However there are a few that I can't find much on. If I have missed something apologies in advance. If you don't mind here goes;
    1) I bought the manual for the Caswell Plating system. I have read it and studied it. I am assuming you bought the Copy Cad system- how did you like it? what size did you buy, did you buy the power (rectifier?) would you suggest that I get the kit too to do the nuts & bolts? IS it hard to do? I see that you used a vibratory tumbler on the nuts & bolts - they looked shiny- did you then plate them with the Caswell system? Has it held up?
    2) did you Jet Hot your headers or only paint them? any particular product that you used? Did it work? How come you painted em black & not silver (mine look originally to be black but the engine bay is dark & I thought silver would brighten things up)
    3)did you Aluma Blast (East wood spray can)all the aluminum/magnesium (whatever it is) on the engine? eg. the bell housing,heads, intermediate housing, front cover?
    and then do satin paint on the water intake to the head (thermo housing etc)
    4)did you use the metal blackener on all flat black parts?
    5)how did you get the block so clean to paint? I am not taking the heads off of mine so I cant really put it in a washer but I want to clean it well for the black paint(what type?). I will separate the block from the tranny today & put the block (with heads attached) onto an engine stand which can rotate so I will have good access to it.
    6)it looks like you refinished the cam covers too..very curious about that as mine are black (want em silver) and beat up

    I will try to keep the questions down to a minimum as you have answered so many with your website and commentary. Thanks for the help-when are you doing the coupe?
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